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2008 BioInnovation SA Mural
A mural paying homage to Australia's Science Nobel Prize winners, including portraits of the Bragg's, and Howard Florey. Themes are the biotechnology industry are also incorporated into the mural. The mural is at the BioInnovation SA Incubator at Thebarton, Adelaide. Click here to view the mural

2004 Thebarton Folk Centre
A mural depicting musicians, dancers, and revelers in a festive atmosphere was painted on the exterior wall of the Folk Centre on Main South Road. Commissioned by the City of West Torrens.

2003 Red Cross Blood Service Mural
A mural on the exterior car park wall off Pirie Street in Adelaide was painted for the Red Cross Blood Service depicting a long flowing landscape incorporating different members of the community in active poses. A pattern of red and white blood cells flowed across landscape.

2003 Ashley Street Bomb Raid Shelter
A mural depicting recreational themes of petanque, boules, baseball and tennis. Also including magician theme designs for the magician's club room.
Commissioned by the City of West Torrens.

2002 Thebarton Senior Citizens Centre
A mural depicting the activities of the Greek and Italian senior citizens. Commissioned by the City of West Torrens.

2001 Charles Kingston Mural
A mural was painted celebrating the life of notorious South Australian politican, Charles Kingston. Kingston played a major role in the road to Federation. The mural was installed in the gallery of the Bay Discovery Centre at Glenelg. Also the figure of Charles Kingston was painted for the Peoplescape exhibition in Canberra. Commissioned by the City of Holdfast Bay.

2000 The Naval Association of Christies Beach.
A mural on the exterior club wall depicting an ocean scene with two historic battle ships.

2000 The Big Day Out
An improvised mural was painted capturing the atmosphere and sights of the Big Day Out music festival at the Wayville Showgrounds.

1999 Bus Shelter Mural
A mural depicting environmental and technological themes was painted on the Bray Street double bus shelter.

1999 Hallet Cove Railway Station
A sign for the Gateway Project incorporating text and geological features from the local landscape. Supported by the City of Marion.

1999 Central Station Clothing Fashion Parade
A Mural depicting an exploding wall with text was painted during the 'Revenge' fashion parade at the Planet night club.

1998 Oaklands Estate Reserve
A mural covering a toilet block portraying the local environment as well as historical imagery, commissioned by the City of Marion

1998 ABC Studios
Mural for the 'Couch Potato' set

1998 Flinders Medical Centre
Murals depicting childrens themes for the children's ward and an extreme sports theme for the teenage ward

1998 Taperoo Family Centre
Mural depicting popular children's themes

1998 The Internet Café
Painting promoting the Really Nifty Internet Café, depicting an outer space scene with text, commissioned by Marion Council

1997 Christie Downs Railway Station, sponsored by Noarlunga Council
Mural painted in conjunction with Christie Downs School, depicting an Aboriginal elder in an Australian landscape scene

1997 Noarlunga Railway Station, commissioned by the Department of Road Transport
Mural depicting an environmental scene and public transport

1997 JR's Surf and Ski, Grenfill St.
Snow scene mural on interior wall

1996 Christie Downs School, sponsored by Living Health
Mural depicting Asthma, sport, and environmental

1996 JR's Surf and Ski, Grenfill St.
Surf and snow mural on exterior wall

1996 Rundle Inn Cafe, Rundle St.
Scandanavian landscape mural

1996 Little Twin St. (off Hindmarsh Sq.), commissioned
by Colliers Jardine property agents
Mural depicting the sky show theme

1996 Crossroads Music Store, Brighton
Paintings of famous guitar players on front of

1995 Southside Community Centre, Christie Downs
Mural celebrating Australia Remembers day
and depicting war images

1994 Pied Piper Child Care Centre, Seaford
Mural depicting fairy tale characters

1994 E&WS Water Storage Tanks, Hackem West
Murals completely covering 2 Water Storage Tanks
depicting landscape sceneries

1994 E&WS Office, Hallet Cove
Plant life painting

1993 Children's Ward, Flinders Medical Centre
Mural portraying children's themes

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