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2007 Art of Respect - Indigenuity
A series of workshops were organised which was to result in an exhibition of aerosol works on canvas exploring the theme of 'reconciliation' The 15 participants were briefed on the indigenous cultural history of the area and of issues of reconciliation before developing their own design concepts on paper and then on canvas. The exhibition was shown in Gallery M at the Marion Cultural Centre. Project supported by the City of Marion and the Office of the Southern Suburbs.
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2007 Come Out Mural at the Adelaide Festival Centre
During the Come Out festival Jimmy. C worked with a selection of art students from the Christies Beach and Hallett Cove area to work on a mural with the theme of 'universal stories'. The mural was painted during the festival on a large wall at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Project supported by the Adelaide Festival Centre.

2006 Workshops and Mural Project in Lille, France
During his exhibition at Tripostal in Lille, James Cochran worked with youth from the Club Leo-Lagrange and from the Maison de quartier Vauban. Techniques were developed in the workshops which resulted it in a mural on the wall at the Club Leo- Lagrange reflecting the life of the youth in that area. A mural on panels was also completed at the Maison de quartier Vauban. Project supported by Lumieres du Nord and Caisse des Depots.

2005 Warriparinga Bridge Project
Working with a group of Indigenous youth in the City of Marion area, designs were developed after consultation with Elders on the historic signifance of the bridge and its location on the Tjilbruke Trail. After a series of painting workshops the youth worked together with Jimmy. C to paint murals and artwork under the bridge. The opening of the bridge was part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Project supported by the City of Marion, the Kaurna Living Cultural Centre, and the Office of the Southern Suburbs.
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2005 Blak Nite and Mix it Up Deadly workshops
Aerosol Art workshops were coordinated at Tandanya with indigenous youth to produce art works for the stage and set design of the Blak Nite closing performance for the Come Out festival 2005. The theme was 'Electric Underground' and the pieces fused traditional dot painting styles with contemporary hip hop styles. A selection of the participants then went on to produce another set of work in a following workshop to form an exhibition in the Kuarna gallery at Tandanya. Project supported by Tandanya and Carclew Youth Arts Centre.
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2004 Coober Pedy Mural Project
Three murals were painted by the Highway to serve as entrances into Coober Pedy. A colloboration with a local indigenous artist took place and workshops and community consultation took place over three weeks. The murals depict the local history and themes of the town, the cultural diversity of the town, and traditional style dot painting with references to the landscape. Project was supported by the Australia Council and Country Arts SA.
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2004 National Youth Week in Mildura
Aerosol art workshops were run in the four local highschools and in the community centre. From this 6 canvases were produced from each group, which were then placed in the Mildura library as part of the permanent collection. The Mildura skatepark was also painted by those involved in the workshops. An aerosol art demonstration also took place in the main shopping mall.
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2004 Roxby Downs Finge Festival
Painting workshops involving local youth were set up, which lead to the creation of a wall mural as part of the inaugural Outback Fringe Festival.

2003 Berri Police Station Mural
A mural on the awareness of substance abuse was developed with students from Glossop High School. A mural was painted on boards at the school to be later placed on the exterior wall of the Berri Police Station. Supported by the Riverland Drug Action Team and Country Arts SA.

2003 Port Lincoln Sk8 Park Mural
Designs were developed by the 4 local schools and local youth in Port Lincoln. The mural was then painted with the students and with the help of local indigenous artist Willy Carbine. The result was 2 complete walls painted at the skate park with coastal, urban, and traditional indigenous themes. Supported by Country Arts SA and Port Lincoln City Council.
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2003 The Croc Festival at Port Augusta
Involving over 200 students from throughout regional South Australia, aerosol art workshops were run. Participants then all contributed to a large interactive mural on a wall at Port Augusta High School.
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2003 Workshop at Port Augusta for National Youth Week
Here the kids were encouraged to develop design ideas on paper before being introduced to techniques with the spray can. They then transferred their design ideas onto boards.

2003 Naracoorte Skate Park Mural Project
Designs were developed with Year 8 and 9 students from Naracoorte High School for the local skate park. Some designs were painted on boards which were attached to the fence at the skate park and other designs were transferred directly to the vertical surfaces of the skate ramps. Jimmy. C. worked on the 2-D art while found object sculptor Mark De Nys worked with 3-D objects. The skate park was transformed into a colourful and recognisable site in the area with community involvement. Launched at Youth Week 2003.
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2002 The Elizabeth South Bridge Project
The coordination, painting, and overseeing of designs, involving around 30 artists to paint the entire wall space of the Tuggerway bridge, used as part of the Holden Factory production line. Design themes included local industry, local environmental, and the local community. Particpants ranged from indiginous children and adults through to a range of aerosol artists from Adelaide, Melbourne, Alice Springs, and Norway. Project sponsored by the Department of Industry and Trade, managed by Resource Development, in conjunction with the City of Salisbury.

2002 Mural at Smithfield Plains High School
An aerosol mural was painted with students using themes relevant to the school and to the participants.

2002 Youth Week 02
2 murals were painted in the southern schools Aberfoyle Park High by the Yr.10 students and by the Yr. 7 students at Hackham East Primary. The murals explored themes relevant to the students and to the southern area, and became a permanent feature at the schools.

2001 Spirit of the West
20 Painting shops were run throughout the western suburbs of Adelaide, resulting in an exhibition touring through the major shopping centers of the western areas.

2001 Painting Workshop at Crystal Lake Campsite, Macclesfield
Workshop was coordinated with kids living with cancer. The image of Noah's Ark and the idea of surviving the flood were used as a metaphor for surviving with cancer. Supported by Canteen.

2001 Grand Junction Road Art Project
Painting workshops were coordinated with various youth groups ranging from Adolescent Services at Enfield to youth groups at the Parks Community Centre. Art works on boards relating to Australian Federation were painted in brush and aerosol paint. The finished artworks were installed along Grand Junction Rd by local businesses.

2001 Roxby Downs Mural Project
A mural was painted with the help of the local kids on the new toilets at the Lions Park. They chose to paint a local desert scene and also a beach and underwater scene. This is the first public art project in Roxby Downs. Supported by Country Arts SA and Roxby Downs Council.

2001 Aerosol Workshop at Pt Augusta
A workshop for National Youth Week, working with local and indigenous kids, in conjunction with the Fountain Gallery.

2000 Aerosol Workshop at Victor Harbour
A workshop was coordinated as a school holiday program for Victor Harbour High School. Participants were taught painting techniques and encouraged to develop their own ideas.

2000 Queen Elizabeth Hospital Mural Project
Workshops were coordinated at Findon High School, St Michael?s Senior School, Sienna College, The QEH Child Care Centre, Woodville Primary Out of School Hours Care, and Findon Community Centre, to paint boards with the themes of positive and environmental imagery or images relevant to the participants. The boards were then installed outside the QEH whilst it underwent redevelopment. Supported by the Department of Human Services, and the City of Charles Sturt.

2000 Signs for a New Millennium
Participants aged between 10 and 24 painted their ideas of past, present and future on boards that were installed on the lawns of the City of Marion building. I designed and coordinated the project which was supported by the City of Marion and the Marion youth Centre.

2000 The Parks Community Centre Swimming Complex
Murals with water themes were painted by the kids and parents of the swim club. Also Aboriginal women from the craft group painted images with water themes relevant to their own history.

2000 Walker Flat Camp
A camp of around 60 teenagers from various backgrounds including Whyalla, Port Augusta, Kangaroo Island and Murray Bridge was organised. The kids were divided into art, music and drama groups where issues of alcohol and safe choices were discussed. I coordinated the painting workshop.

2000 Aerosol Workshop
Worshops were coordinated at the Saint Claire Recreation Centre at Woodville, involving local youth. Supported by the City of Charles Sturt.

2000 The Parks Community Centre Mural Project
Design sessions and painting workshops were conducted with a year 11 art class from Our Lady Sacred Heart girls school. A mural with the theme of ocean and aquatic designs was painted at the swimming complex at the Parks Community Centre.

1999 Aerosol Workshop
Aerosol workshop at Collins Reserve, Fullam Gardens involving local teenagers interested in art. Supported by Artery.

1999 Mt Barker Mural Project
Coordination of a mural on the side of the The Hills Recreation Centre depicting sports themes. Local kids worked together to design and paint the mural.

1999 Mural Project at Murray Bridge
Murals were painted on the interior of a community centre with kids from local schools. A mural on the exterior wall was designed and painted with Year 10 art students from Murray Bridge High School. The mural was to reflect positive mental health. Project supported by CAHMS.

1999 The Parks Community Centre
Workshops were run for Aboriginal, Cambodian and local kids interested in aerosol art.

1998 Mural Project at Murray Bridge
A mural portraying local themes and positive health messages was painted with Aboriginal teenagers and a group of teenagers from fourlocal schools. Project supported by CAHMS.

1998 Banner Making Workshop
Banners were painted by local girls at the Port Noarlunga Community Arts Centre with themes of the past, present and future of the Noarlunga area. The banners were displayed for the Port Noarlunga street fair.

1998 Hallett Cove Skate Park
Skateboarding images were painted on the skate park and workshops involving the local youth were conducted. The project done in conjunction with the Hallett Cove Youth Project and was supported by Marion council.

1998 Skate 98 supported by Marion Council
A bus stop was painted as a mural demonstration, followed by the judging of an aerosol art competition.

1993-1998 Southside Centre
The running of Aerosol Art Workshops for the Noarlunga Youth

1997 Murray Bridge
Mural project supported by Southern CAMHS involving local youth fromthe Murray Bridge area. A wall was painted reflecting the youth's interests and reflecting their environment.

1997 Christie Downs Railway Station
Mural designed and painted in conjunction with students from Christie Downs School. An Aboriginal theme was decided upon, and the Aboriginal students assisted with the painting.

1997 Christie Downs School
2 weeks of design workshops, 2 weeks of painting workshops, and 3weeks involved in the painting of a mural depicting asthma and environmental themes, with year 5-7 students.

1997 City of Tea Tree Gully
Aerosol workshops for local youth

1997 Country Arts
Aerosol Demonstration and workshop for local youth at the 'Pigs Might Fly' festival at Naane.

1996 Christies Community House
Aerosol demonstration and workshop for local children aged 6-11

1995 Southside Centre
Mural for Australia Remembers Day involving local youth in preparation and painting.

1994 Southside Centre
Murals painted on E&WS Water Storage Tanks, involving local youth.

1993 Graffiti Art Program (GAP)
Coordination of an Aerosol Workshop at SARAC Youth Detention Centre
for Aboriginal youth.

1993 Graffiti Art Program (GAP)
Aerosol Art Workshops for Noarlunga youth

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