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Brick Lane, London, 2015 

 Brixton, London, 2015

Wall collaboration with L7M, Bethnal Green, London  

Deconstructed Portrait, Brick Lane, London 2015 
Tramshed, Shoreditch, London 2015


Joes Kid, Fashion st, London 2015 
Lisbon, Portugal 2015
(photo by Lisbon Street Art) 

Waverely Arms, Peckham, London
for the Baroque the Streets project
with the Dulwich Picture Gallery 
Camden, London, 2014 
Collaboration with L7M, Sao Paulo, 2014
Supported by Instagrafite  
Bird of Paradise, Sao Paulo 
Portrait collaboration with L7M, Sao Paulo
Birmingham, City of Colours festival, 2014 
Brick Lane car park, Shoreditch, London 2014
Cosmic Mind, Shoreditch, London 2014 

Volturno Theatre, Rome

Aubervillers, for the In Situ festival, Paris



                                                                                    Teufelsberg,  abandonned spy station in West Berlin   
                                                                                                    Deconstructed Portrait, London   

 Vila Madelena, Sao Paulo 
                                                                                        Heart in Rio, in the favela do Vidigal, Brazil 
Colloboration with Sliks in Sao Paulo for a portrait of the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector


London, 2014 
Earls Court, West London 2013

 Portrait of Gaudi, Barcelona 2013
Wall in context, sun and moon 
Camden, London 2013
 Kreuzberg, Berlin 2013
Bowie Wall, Brixton London 2013

Man with Spheres, Brick Lane, London, 2013 
 Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Kings Cross, London 2013

The Foundary, London 2012
Girl with Spheres in 3D, Shoreditch, London 2012
Vitry sur Seine, Paris 2012 
Canal Saint Martin, 10e, Paris 2012 
Redchurch st, London 2012 
Tarlabasi, Istanbul 2012
Bolt portrait, in progress, London Olympics, 2012
Bolt portrait, Scalter Street, London 2012   






Hasselt, Belgium, 2012 



Shoreditch, London 2012 

                                                                                                Shoreditch, London 2012  

Hackescher Market, Hof, Berlin 2012 
                                                                      Yaam, Ostbahnhof, Berlin 2012

                                                             RAW, Revalerstrasse, Berlin 2012

Vitry sur Seine, Paris, 2012
Photo courtesy of Brigitte Silhol 

Shoreditch, London 2012
 Whitby St, Shoreditch, London 2012
                                                               Whitby St, Shoreditch, London 2011 








Hasselt, Belgium
for the Belgium Street Art Festival 2011 
Paris, Vitry sur Seine, 2011 


5 Pointz, New York City, 2011 
Hackney Road, Shoreditch, London, 2011 
Topham Mall, Adelaide, 2011 




Blyth St, Adelaide, 2011 


Bacon St off Brick Lane, London 2010
Photo credit Rebecca Desmots 






Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London  2010 



La Forge, 19 arrondissement, Paris, 2006
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